Two year old children with a parent's participation, follow teacher lead, age appropriate developmental skills on all the gymnastics events to build confidence and coordination, jumping skills, upper & lower body strength, balance and flexibility during this 45 minute class.

Currently not offered

Three to four year olds build from parent & tot movements into basic gymnastics skills on all the gymnastics events with equipment scaled down for their size during this 45 min. class.

Monthly tuition: $75.00
(Includes 4 classes per month)

Girls are grouped by age and then divided into groups for instruction on all the competitive gymnastics events plus trampoline and tumble track!

Continued emphasis on physical fitness, strength and flexibility allows students to master basic gymnastics skills and progress to intermediate and advanced level skills.

One hour class monthly tuition: $83.00
(Includes 4 classes per month)

One and 1/2 hour class monthly tuition: $100.00
(Includes 4 classes per month)

We schedule classes by age and then sub-divide the classes into homogeneous training groups.
A leotard or shorts and a tucked in T shirt. Bare feet because socks can be slippery on mats. Hair must be pulled back or in a pony tail so it doesn't get in your way. Please, no gum or jewelry.
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Twist Gymnastics adheres to the USA Jr. Olympic Program. To this we add 30 years of gymnastics training experience to provide your child a skill based learning curriculum.


Our coaches are USA Gymnastics Safety Certified, chosen for their ability to inspire kids and trained in skill based progressions.

Technique and encouragement empower children to set goals, face challenges and exceed their expectations.
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